Farewell ATI… sorta.

For over a decade now, hardcore pc users like myself and many others have forever debated over ATI vs Nvidia, the two leading graphics card companies.  I certainly never hid my love for ATI at all, and most times when I was forced to use a GeForce card (be it for money, no extra parts etc) I could feel and tell little differences many years ago, which always made me side with ATI.

These days, you won’t find very many differences as far as performance goes between the two companies, only thing different, or the same in some eyes, are the driver issues between both companies.  Fuck it!  Never been a problem for me, but I have read many a stories and can understand.  Regardless…

AMD has decided to stop using the name ATI and will instead just use AMD.  I suppose it does make a lot of sense, because AMD might be the bigger draw, but at the end of the day… if you are going to buy a new graphics card… you know exactly what you want!

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