I tread this world knowingly…

I might have lost some believers along the way, after all… it’s been an eternity since FX has been TRULY online.  I sure have gained a lot of naysayers along the way, but lost some of the believers.  This, I want you to know, I know.  This, I obviously know why and you don’t have to explain the nuances to me.

I still live and breathe in the same world as you, I see what’s happening.  Last time FX was online, the world was a much different place.  Do you agree?

I know I need to lash out, I need to set example and make an example out of many different people.  I know this.  Constraints with time, balancing management for life etc have receded and hindered my overall inner Jimminy Cricket (self-conscious).  Where once was truly a careless endeavor, lays a careful and thoughtful… man.  I hate it.  I loathe this.

Why must I be so nice when I need to be assertive and aggressive and unforgiving?    Not to the point of being an asshole or mean spirited, nothing like that… just, enough to point out obvious flaws and problems in certain deserving people and every day facets of life.

I keep seeing things… witnessing things… and sometimes I may ‘snap’ a little, like I love to do.  It’s just so hard for me to take a stand and point it all out… for fear of losing someone as a friend… fuck… when did I ever begin to care so much?

All I am saying… is that soon enough, you are going to get called out… you will be made fun of, you will get what’s coming and  I won’t hold an ounce back.  I am tired of what I keep hearing, seeing, reading… especially on Facebook.  Yeah that’s right, FXers… Facebook… amazing social network tool that is generally used to keep track of everyone, that also doubles for seeing the reality of most people.  You think I give a fucking shit about God?  You think I want to read how much you love some faggot or bitch?  You think my eyes need to be disgraced again about YOUR FUCKING SHIT LIFE?  What… what did I just read?  Oh my god… your spelling and grammar, though mine certainly is no where near perfect, at least I put forth some god DAMNED effort.

Those pics you keep taking?  You are fucking fat and disgusting, borderline revolting, and I’m just being extraaaaa nice tonight.  How about you, shark face?  Ma… ma… ma… MAH FACE… I have a serious face on as  I write this long, uninteresting, horribly unoriginal, and senseless NOTE.  To whom do you concern?  To which society are you benefiting?  The air you breathe, is being wasted on you.

Oh, here are some more… nice new… WHATEVER you just bought and put pics of up on FB… now what you should have done was use that money and get a decent personal trainer and forgo all the cheeseburgers that look like they have melted down your torso to form a cheeseburger mountain.  No, that’s not a compliment, don’t get well soon and please submit to a heart attack.

My face hurts from disgust with what I just read.  Girl on my fb did a quiz for “What piercing are you?”  Rather then even explain why I am mad… I’ll simply quote…

“Your weird and crazy, and your still and never will be like everyone else. You can be the life of the party but then your still very unique. No one messes with you cause they know what your capable of. But people still talk crap, but really at this point, all you know is that they are jealous! ”

You got all that from a fucking piercing?  Your lip is pierced so you are not to be messed with?  This… irritates me on a whole new level of displeasure…

I also chuckle a little when I see a simple status update like “Passionate” or “Determined”… Passionate about getting fatter?  Determined to lose weight and stop being a cunty bitch?  That would be a good status update…

Yeah you.  You wanna play with me?


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