New TTT2 info/shots, big unveil THIS WEEK!

New info and screens for TTT2 keep on coming.  This time around, if you are a true fan like I am, you can get all the latest info, pics etc from Harada’s (Tekken Producer) Twitter and FB account.  Ah, the new decade is the best thing to ever happen to gaming.. for somethings *ahem* I’ll save that for another rant.

This time around, TTT2 will feature the most characters of any Tekken game.  No exact amount is known yet, but all characters from 6 are for sure returning and playable.  The soundtrack is being done by none other than Sanodg, the famed composer of the original TTT and a few Ridge Racer games.  Expect THE BEST!!

Stages from TTT also are set to return as you can see from the screens below, including the school yard stage.  It is even hinted that there will be remixed music as well.  All this and more and this is quickly shaping up to be the game of the fucking decade!!!


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