“Goodbye Nintendo…” – NNDon 2011

All joking aside, literally… is there even a more sadder sight to behold than that of the failing of an eternal and lifelong friendship between Nintendo and NNDon… and Shadow??  Where once the greatest of battles and the grandest of allies were fought, formed and forged, has now become a vapid and eerie land of wasted dreams and fading cheers.  All due to Apple.

This is not a rant against Apple in any way, in fact I have used a Macbook Pro for a couple of years and thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to get a new one, also I have the iPhone 4 and a few iPod Touches (don’t ask, you make some interesting friends as you get older)… so please, though at heart I am a Windows/PC fanboy and that will never change, THIS is not against Apple… this is against… NNDon…

Who the fuck are you?  “Goodbye Nintendo…” is seriously the last thing I ever wanted to hear you say in my entire life… you could have said that I have fucking cancer and a few days to live, and I would have brushed it off and accepted my fate… but you… NNDon, throwing dirt in the face of the company that gave you your start in so many ways because of some Apple products?  When has the big N ever let you down before?  Why must you quit them now?

Sure, the 3DS just launched and it may not be much different from the DS save for the much better performance and 3D screen, but the same thing could be said for the jump from the original Gameboy, to the Gameboy Color then to the Gameboy Advance.  You certainly didn’t scoff at it back then, like you do now.  I understand gaming on your iPhone and iPad is convenient and save for TENS OF FUCKING THOUSANDS of fucking shitty mother fucking Apps, there are actually a few gems in there as I have come to accept… even still…

To compare Real Racing 2 to ANYTHING put out on 3DS let alone a home console like the 360 or PS3 or your fucking PC… is hurtful.  You want to connect your iPad 2 to your TV’s HDMI input and game that way?  BUY A FUCKING 360, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!  Shadow is literally… LITERALLY… breathing hard, turning in her make believe, Chinese grave… somewhere a couple of miles from either the Great Wall or the Las Vegas strip.  For shame, NNDon, for shame.

You owe it not only to yourself, but to Nintendo AND to Shadow to get the 3DS.  Windy Man, pH, Pestul, Everdred, Lathentar, MrCow, HamFam, Necro-fucking-mancer, Erin… NNChat is still alive, but the founding member can’t even pop in from time to time to say hello to all those he was so close to long ago.  Sure, I agree… people change, but you didn’t just change, NNDon… you spun out in an imaginary life where you are surrounded by a half eaten apple logo and drugs and alcohol… if not the latter, it’s definitely the next step in the very near future if you ask me…

Who is NNDon?  Where is NNDon?  Where is… Shadow?  Nintendo, Nintendo… we need you now more than EVER before to slay the Apple dragons that are haunting the graceful dreams of Shadow which are now in turn polluting the feeble minded NNDon and making him only a fraction of his former glorious self.  I know a guy who once took on IGN64, PlanetGameCube, etc and won single handedly, even if JUST in the design department… this guy won…


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