Here I stand, quality of life in tact, naysayers be damned…


Run away… run as fast as you possibly can, without hesitation or delay, because you won’t make it past my storm of utter confidence and undeniable power.

As a child and even into my late teens, I always imagined myself having some kind of hidden super-powers or abilities, like that could actually happen or all my favorite Comics/Anime/Games were actually loosely based on real events, real people… with… real powers… vivid imagination is the term you are most likely thinking, but at the time and even still to this VERY day, it sure beats believing in any god or book of rules that I’ll never follow myself 🙂

Without fail, without a care…  I can proudly admit to you that I believe I have a hidden power.  An ability to see things the way they should be, and make them become that way or at least pretty darn close, given how much power I have in me at the time of the thought *ahem* of course you knew that, right?

This ability I actually gave a name to, bare with me and brace yourself, as it’s going to shock A LOT of you and come as a huge surprise, as it’s a name you never heard of before and it’s a term that you are most certainly not accustomed to… it’s called… ‘Hard Work’.

I use my Hard Work powers to benefit myself first and foremost, I will admit… now I know as the ol’ Spider-Man saying goes.. “with great power comes greater responsibilities” and you may think it to be very inconsiderate to use my own powers on myself, but… believe me… if you saw the outcome that Hard Work can give you, YOU would too!

Now, the best part about my hidden power, is that anybody can attain it, it’s actually a hidden ability that was handed down to us from many, many generations ago and has been locked inside every one of us, only to be fully utilized by about roughly 12% of the world’s entire population… can YOU help increase the statistics??

Apply today at FX Headquarters in London, England or in our new offices in Tokyo.  With your application and willingness to help and make a difference in this world of naysayers and backstabbers and lazy-ass, mother fucking, pieces of SHIT, degenerate, full of lies, disgusting people… together we can end OUR suffering by breaking their legs or crippling them and putting them all in wheel chairs, not the expensive motorized versions, but the low-budget cloth and metal ones, maybe even ones from the 70’s…  now I know what you are thinking… “But Whippin Sean, this will ONLY increase our taxes and make us pay more to in turn house these newly disabled citizens of the world and in essence would kind of… you know, defeat the whole purpose of punishing the lazy slobs of the world”.  Ah, thanks Jimmy Two Eyes, but you forgot one important detail about my plan, my own motives 🙂

It won’t be enough for me to simply just cripple the lazy slobs of the world, I would also force them to work the so called ‘shit-jobs’ that they couldn’t be fucking assed to ever work at before, because you can always find something for someone in a wheel chair to do, trust me!  If they still refuse to work, they will still get free money from the Governments, but in return they would have to receive one punch to the face every 6 months, not a knock-out punch, but a jaw  busting punch… small price to pay for free money and WE get to benefit from it by broadcasting the punches live on the internet, after all… EVERYONE wants to see a cripple person in a wheel chair get punched, it’s simple human nature… how can you NOT want to?

Now… wait a minute… who just wrote all that above this???  What the hell?  I can’t believe this.  Someone has taken over my hands and my computer… this isn’t me typing this… I swear… I am fighting back and taking control over again just to type tgehg jfgjd jdjtj jej j900000     df Sorry about that, I think I got a virus or something, this is the REAL Whippin Sean typing here… TRUST ME!!  Everything I said in this thread is REAL and the TRUTH and how I honestly FEEL!!  I would never lie to you guys… never…



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