A little less dreaming…

I got caught this year.  I got lost, side-tracked and dismissed… and thus, I got caught.  I have no excuses or reasons to lie, it’s clear as day… Whippin Sean got caught…

The way out is so easy yet I’m rendered completely useless when it comes to the determination, nay, the WILL and MOTIVATION to want to escape this travesty of a life.  It is not all bad, but 97.9% of it is!!  Is this me complaining?  Perhaps, I am allowed after all, with all that has been done and about to happen.   As much as SHIT SUCKS right now, I can’t help but remember and stick to my guns, my ways… for nothing can ever bring me down, not even my own stupid self.

Sometimes you just let things get out of hand or let things get way ahead of yourself, for no other reason than enjoying the self-loathing of it all, pain is pleasure for some moments in your life, pile it on even more, bring in all the stupidity that you once upon a time would never, ever allow to be a part of your life.  Welcome all the new faces and new themes to my life… you all know who you are, and some of you will never read this, which is always for the best.

I’ve met some real winner this past year or so.  That is, honestly, being REALLY generous and thoughtful if you ask me.  I sent a distress signal out just now… I am surrounded by absolute fake people.  Plastic dreams, plastic emotions and plastic pleasures… LET ME SEVER ALL TIES WITH THESE NON-TRYING, ALWAYS CONFORMING FUCKING IDIOTS!!

Of course, it hasn’t been all bad this year… but this is not for the ones that have been great to me, this is for all the losers I’ve met lately… FUCK YOU!  FUCK YOU AND DIE!!!  lol… LOL… LOOOOOOL!!!!  Pfft…



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