The proof shall set you free

Instigator?  Asshole?  Looking for trouble?  Yes, yes… but when I sniff out something juicy, I go along for the ride and for the KILL!  I’m talking about RUMORS AND GOSSIPING, of course 😉  Nobody does it quite like I do.  Let’s face it, it all started back when FX started – Revolutionizing the Revelation; I had this greed, this sick desire to always seek the truth no matter how trivial or small the matter may be, especially if it had nothing to do with me, I would always dig and rip and tear away at the scene until the truth would eventually come out.  More often than not, I appeared right as rain, and victory always smells great… though sometimes my instincts to fail me and my assumptions don’t always become valid, alas… few and far between.. bitches.

Sometimes, however, many people in my life get upset with me because I’m always doing what I’m doing.  Even if the rumor/assumption is about them, unless you are a really good friend/family… I am going to tell everyone and get to the very bottom of the issue, until a truth finally surfaces that myself as well as everyone else can feel satisfactory with.

Lately, some people have been VERY upset with me lol.  … you think I really give a fuck if I offended or made you upset?  You never knew me, and you clearly don’t want to find out the real me.  It’s not like I just do this to anyone, no, I usually go after those who have wronged me or dare I say, lied straight to my face.  It’s always been my code of honor that a silent revenge hurts the most.  So you may ask yourself, why is Sean spreading this shit about me, or why does he even care so much even if it IS true?!?  Well, sir, you probably wronged me.  In most recent cases, they have all upset me, so they got a little bit of bad karma coming there way.

You see, it starts with a little insight, a little discovery, sometimes you don’t even look for it, sometimes you might have to dig really deep or even make up a little bit of it, but sometimes it’s right there in front of you, you get this this huge “Here you go Whippin Sean, attack me personally with this until I get a brain tumor and die” card that they culprit presents to you, unbeknownst to them, of course.

Then you take what you learned, dig deeper, spread the word, maybe add a few lies here and there to make it sound worse than it might be, because no matter what people say, where there is SMOKE there is usually always FIRE.  I believe that.

Always seek the truth, no matter who you step on or over, upset or anger.  If somebody has wronged you, look for something incriminating about them and tell ALL their friends, family, associates/co-workers and your good deed of the day will be done 😀


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