New Years Resolutions for 2012

Hello all, Whippin Sean here one again on the bloom of another January 1st, updating FX, getting ready for another year of BIG plans and dreams coming true 😉  You’ve all gotten used to it by now, so have I.

I decided to make a list of Resolutions I wanted to adhere too or at least make an honest attempt at finishing all the way through.

Free Tibet

You know a lot of your favorite musicians and Hollywood actors/actresses etc, always mention Tibet and bring about so many causes and concerts and other such promotional devices used to garner more attention to a people in dire needs?  Well… I guarantee you that by the end of 2012, I will have Tiber fully freed and liberated.  Seriously, I have hidden powers that I owe a lot to the Tibet people since 1950, to be exact.  To achieve this great act of gratitude, I must stop the Chinese… which brings me to–

Bomb China… or, maybe not…?

Some shocking and very disturbing videos have surfaced this net this year alone, where it would seem that the every day China man/woman does not care about a dying child, and can simply walk on by. 

Worse yet, it would appear that suicide is quite a popular past time with the kids.  Yet even still, as fucked up and messed up as a country China might appear to us from the outside, we can’t simply bomb it.  I know, I know, shoot first ask questions later, right you filthy slimy Americans?  Well… shoot first, and you lose all of your pretty little Apple products… of which the iPhone 4 I use.  Not to mention… LITERALLY ALMOST EVERYTHING YOU USE AND SURROUND YOURSELF WITH ON A DAILY BASIS WAS MADE IN FUCKING CHINA!  But I digress…

If China wanted to start World War 3, they have every right to and they have every right to win… if it wasn’t for the whole Tibet issue and many others 😉

Buy a gun

How can I simply free Tibet and defeat China with my well experienced and epically trained fists alone?  That’s why a guy grows up and grows a brain, and becomes one with the cold steel between his hands… Whippin Sean and a gun are a match made in the proverbial heaven much like Whippin Sean and a conscious… hmm, wherever it’s been hiding all these years that is.


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