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I remember back in 2000-2001 when the internet was still in a birthing stage, still wasn’t Myspace, Youtube or Facebook that it is today.  It was a more secure place, more anonymity throughout all websites.  You would very rarely find someone with personal photos on their own website/geocities page (yeah, I went there).  You might find photos and personal information on their Yahoo profile or MSN, but it was nothing, not even close to what it is today.

Go to any of your friends Fb and I guarantee you that you will find out what, if anything, the did last night, or even what they ate and even what they wore… or where they were with exact locations detailed.  We quickly lose track of how amazing our everyday lives have become thanks to Social Media and the Internet.  Everyone is so easy to blatantly put themselves out there, for better or worse, because it’s just how we live now, isn’t it?

However, I was one of those rare exceptions all those 12, long years ago.  As most of you know, FX was put online sometime in 2001 but was well in the making since 2000-if not earlier.  Everywhere I went on the internet since fucking 1998, I left marks of myself.  Be it a black and white photo from my first video camera in ’98 on my old Geocities page “Sean’s Page of Whatever” to full on Myspace/Facebook level of photos/albums on my other Geocities pages in 2000.  I wanted everyone to see my face, to know me, all of me.  Girls especially, obviously.  Flame wars were especially my favorite, because 2000-2001 was when I began my filmmaking/video editing LIFE… so if someone flamed me on a forums, I would retort with a video response, photos of me giving the finger, AS WELL AS MY FULL REAL ADDRESS AND FULL NAME!!  Back then, I didn’t think what I was doing was kind of a rare thing, but you would be hard pressed to find someone as insane as I was to give out my addy and full information on the net like I did, then again… I was a big guy back then too, sorta, and was willing to take on the world (lol, the world took me down a few notches since then, but I quickly made my way back up and BEYOND).  The internet has changed a lot since those days…

Sometimes for the worse.  With the coming age of Social Media, it has sparked the worst in a lot of people, most notably the aneurism educing butchering of the English language and all facets involved, grammar, spelling, punctuation… now I know I am NOT an expert on either yet, but I am sure you can tell I make a very worthy effort to at least make everything readable and interesting.

It has also brought forth a weird, almost spooky-like age of fake-ness, fake ass bitches and fuck faces without a single original bone in their bodies.  Luring in the simple-minded, the easily misguided and those who lack a certain level of comprehension skills… these folks are easy to read.  Easy to spot on Facebook, too.  Posting lame, uninspiring status updates or even fake news in their life, or about something, but never delve into specifics, then when you ask about it you get a timid, but blunt reply asking you to “Mind your own business”… I’m sorry, what?  You update your Fb status with something that is CLEARLY asking for attention and yet you are reluctant to go deeper into it?  Listen, bitch/fuck, your life is not even that interesting, so you have to DO shit like that to even elicit a response from the likes of me… but… you will NEVER find this cheap tactic with one Mattie… Lt… mother fucking-Marker!!/omracer



Yes, my FX fans and friends and anyone who reads this… allow me to have the honor of introducing you to Mattie Marker, a professional LIFE GETTER!  He get’s what a lot do not!  He understands how to LIVE LIFE… don’t hold back and be upfront and honest at all times.  At only 18 years of age, this guy has won me over lol, visit his Facebook and Youtube page linked above and follow him on Twitter and you will instantly see what I mean.  Remember how I mentioned I was a punk 18 year old kid on the internet many years ago that never held back on anything and would not hide a thing?  Mattie takes it to a whole new level, a level frankly, that a lot would consider insane, weird, or too much, but a level I respect and admire and that actually inspires ME!!

We met through Ridge Racer, which is the most epic way to meet.  Ridge/Rage videos on my Youtube page followed him to me (as well as another mutual friend of ours, Grant), and really, since then I could not believe my eyes almost every week, Mattie posts/tweets something that is just so fucking great, so hilarious for all the right reasons, and I’m not the only one that loves his truth and no holds barred approach to social media, he has picked up a lot of fans on FB and Twitter that love hearing from him, and still just like me, a lot of haters, but I believe he feeds on them much like I do.

Mattie loves big girls!  BBW’s, if you will.  The best thing in the whole fucking world is reading through his posts about REAL girls, whom he usually never has a problem with naming, and then saying they look so sexy or beautiful, when you know that she is probably a chubbier girl.  LOL then the girls usually respond back offended or creeped out, which just makes Mattie all that more amazing.  Most other lads would have stopped after the first backlash, but Mattie continues to offend SOME girls with his posts, NOT intentionally, but hilarious none the less.  He knows what he loves and is not afraid to show it off, again, another admirable trait.  Like my love for Santa Claus and Christmas, I’m not religious at all, but I never hide the fact that I think Santa is real… why not??!!

He airs ALL his laundry, dirty or clean.  Usually almost always clean because he lives a pure, honest and in your face life.  A lot of people are jealous of Mattie I can tell, but it’s only because he can do what they do not have the fucking balls or nerve to do.  His love affair of certain girls is made entirely public through his FB/Twitter, and we get to see an entire relationship unfold… all of it (Abbey comes to mind… ohhhhhh boy…lol).  More often than not, the girl seems to be in a relationship, as with someone he is currently flustered over, and it just makes it even more admirable that hey, at least he is not giving up because she is with someone.  I know so many people that never take that plunge, that never try to fight for a love they feel is right, if it does not work out in the end, at least you TRIED… and Mattie sure puts forth an admirable effort.

His love life and preferences with girls aside, Mattie also posts A LOT everyday.  He tweets more than anyone I know, and this is a good thing, it leads to a lot of Youtube video updates from him, great links (like the recent Ridge Racer Night that I would have missed out on if not for him) etc.  In fact, I encourage more people to update frequently on a daily basis, it’s not just entertaining and interesting for the rest of us who follow your life, but, as I know for myself since I update very frequently too, it’s very good for the soul, it’s good to just get somethings off your chest or feel a part of everyday life with everyone else.  Mattie understands this, and just watch his videos on Youtube for more on that…

This is just a mere tribute to a guy I admire who actually inspires me in his own way.  Hell, he once shaved off his eyebrows and took a picture of it.  Like… WOULD YOU DO THAT?  No!!  But he did, therefore he wins.














I insist you all follow him on Twitter and add him as a friend on Facebook, and subscribe to his Youtube.  His updates are constant and so uninhibited, he lets it all out on the line.  Sometimes you will read something from him and just won’t be able to wait to see how a certain event in his life unfolds, because though he may be thousands and thousands of miles away from me, I feel closer to him than a lot of real friends in my real life, not just because of the Ridge Racer bond (lol but that’s a real thing), but his constant updates are things I always read and look forward to and I am kept informed on everything, even his daily lunches which usually almost every week day he not only mentions in full detail what he had for lunch, but a photo as well, fuck you… that’s awesome!

So to you, Mattie… I thank you for all the great moments in your love life, school and work life as well.  Please, never change and never become anyone’s fool, be true to who you are and keep this up, because so many people admire you and so many more are jealous, boring cunts 😉  Can’t wait to see the next girl you potentially offend by calling her sexy lol, look forward to more, bigger videos ideas and other crazy stunts you do along the way… WHIP WHIP!!

p.s. Keep doing the Vlogs!
p.s.s.  I love when you post phone numbers of people who randomly call you for all to see!


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