Did anyone see an allnighter lately? I seem to have lost mine…

Here I sit, on my broken down, gray futon with my laptop firmly pressed on my lap from the weight of my heavy hands and half a can of Monster… my second for the night… with some take out food and some random forms of junk food at 3:48 am.  I have to help some friends move tomorrow afternoon and pull a late night shift later at 10pm, yet still… my desire to keep the “party” going never ceases to prevail even at the most needless of times.  LOL << right?  Right!  I mention my loneliness because I opted for an all nighter, yet again, full of videogame playing, albeit it mostly classic games, movies and shows…. but reality opted me out of having a glorious time.  Why is this?  Because the longer you go, the further you step, the further you also distance yourself from everyone else who you used to or could still pull an all nighter with.

Simply put… rocking out, playing games and eating junk food all night long is never the same as with doing it with at least one other person!  This is not me complaining, however, as we all know I NEVER complain 😉  This is just me wanting to reach out to a world of people out there that are like me, but that most are so far away, or never close enough… that surely through some form of miracle, there is someone out there close to my age and preferably in my city that wants the same thing as me?  *le sigh* hey, I tried!

Ok, so maybe this is a little bit of complaining coming out now; I miss being able to just chill with friends all night long and play a plethora of old/new games, talk shit, maybe… perhaps even go out and cause a little mischief.  Certainly not EVERYBODY is tied down, right?  And, whenever I seem to make a new acquaintance that fits the description of fun and games and same interests, they move the fuck away lol.  As if to say “Haha Whippin Sean… you had an epic night of classic NES and SNES game marathons and watching perverted anime but it was just a taste of what you’ll NEVER have long term LOL!!!”… how dare you!

How do you feel about pulling all nighters at your current age and state in life?  Are you able to find the time to do it even on your days off, if they are the same as your friends/family?  Do you even like staying up all night doing whatever the fuck you want?  **Editors note… as I am writing this, big spiders are literally racing across my couch as if to taunt me**

Leave a comment, register if you have to!  I want to hear from SOMEBODY… anybody… give me something of a motivation booster, it always makes a difference 😉



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