Everything ends in this teardrop tale of life, lust and love…

Well, who else wants to leave?  What else will abruptly quit?  I don’t know any different from now on, this is the way life works.  I got control over my own reigns of life but it would take more than a pair of hands to count the number of times peoples, things, places have drastically changed for the worse in my lifetime, especially as of late.  Do you feel me?

It is now very evident to me that it might not be such a good idea to invest time and emotion into almost anything these days, because you shall be let down… your heart will drop.  Yeahhhhhh, I suppose some of you could accuse me of talking about lovers/gf’s in my life, but I assure you 100% that this is not directly about them.  While it would be easy to lump them together and put them right at the front of this issue, for me… there are things more importantly to me lately.  Things that help me get through the day, get through life, make life interesting, better.

On the radio side of life for me, I listen to Howard Stern A LOT!  I did for 3 years straight until April of 2011 when I just stopped because I really missed Artie Lange, who was a show fixture since early 2000’s.  When he did what he did, a big part of me died, but I still continued to listen but it just came a point when it did not feel the same, even though I was still laughing and enjoying most bits.  He has not returned on the show to this day and is doing a new show and has moved on with his life, seemingly.

Then I have BTLS… Bubba the Love Sponge.  I stopped listening to Bubba around the same time too, cause he left Sirius and did the FM show only, then the new radioIO show, and it was just hard to juggle two, four-hour long shows a day!   I really, really enjoyed BTLS a lot more than Stern for the most part, gotta be honest.  However, I just learned that my favorite personality on the show, Matt “Spice Boy” Loyd has quit the show and moved to a new show on the same station for an evening talk show.  That… is incredibly shitty.  Good for Spice, money is money and you gotta live, but for the BTLS show… this is a huge blow.  Spice was the counter balance to most of the shit I hated about Bubba or what he would talk about, like Nascar, for example.  Spice would always make fun of it.  He would also always get Bubba riled up and it was entertaining, especially when Manson would jump in too.  Manson and Spice worked so well together to “counter-program” Bubba lol… ahhh… sadly… those days are also seemingly gone…

I am also in tune with a videogame/geek culture website (1 of MANY of course) called Clan of the Gray Wolf.  Basically, known mostly for Roo’s 16-bit Gem reviews.  Over the past 2 years, at least for me, I have grown to love their live events like the marathon fundraisers for charity and the once twice a month Echo Screen Live, but I really, really enjoy the Weekly Wringer most of all from the Commodore.  He has a natural talent and I find myself generally always thinking just like him, for the most part.  It was also nice getting a weekly show where us, the viewers can have major input and impact on every episode because Commodore asks a question at the end of every show, and the viewers answer in the comments which he addresses in the next weeks show.  That aside, Roo and Commodore appeared to live in the same city, and that’s why they were able to get together for the Echo Screen Live’s, now Commodore is apparently moving thousands of miles away (assumption) to a different city so no more live show with the two of them together, I wonder if this even jeopardizes the next charity marathons?  Silver lining of this cloud is that they will still do the Echo Screen Live’s and just have Roo on one cam, and Commodore’s feed in as well.  Still… what a downer.

Oh yeah, and MCA died this year, MCA of The Beastie Boys, that is.  It still bothers me.  Not in the “I’m bringing this up because I want attention” way, no fuck that… because the BBoys were/are a huge part of my life and musical upbringing.  One of their songs “Sounds of Science” was predominately placed on the first FX website’s splash screen before you enter the site… whatever… just saying… things change, people go away, nothing ever lasts 🙁

P.S.  Don’t worry… real FX updates with new FX videos, etc are en route, definitely over due, but en route.  Please, understand that while I may be gifted and talented in some areas, I am also lethargically happy… if you know what I mean…


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