You and I…

I know I’m wrong most of the time, but I also know that when I am right, and it’s about something dear to me, I can feel it burning up inside me.  I guess in the cases of more often than not, you were right.  I was wrong.  Hell, I wasn’t just wrong… I was past the point of no return kind of a wrong.

It wasn’t even bad luck, just a guy full of sick venom is all I ever was back then.  I had my high days of course, but overall, there is no mistake about it.  I was an ass, yet I wouldn’t change a thing even if it meant a real smile on my face today.  I pursued certain dreams and times that I’m glad I did, even with all the dark clouds that sometimes cover up the memories in shadows, totally worth every sad guitar chord.

Look at us today.  We’re such different people I assume, but I could be wrong.  Yeah, you take yours and I’ll take mine.  One day…. one day I think…


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