Are People Overdependent on Technology

Are People Overdependent on Technology?

I often wondered what would happen if one day, all of a sudden the world lost all access to the internet?  How would most of the people in our society cope when we have become so used to amazing feats in the field of technology like smartphones able to record hd videos, with built in gps and full internet access?  I do believe that we have become very dependent on technology to a point where I believe that if we had lost all that we know and have today, many of us would be lost for quite some time and would not take well to pulling out a paper map or reading the newspaper every morning.

While I will not argue now that we have gotten used to certain technologies, that being without them would be a giant step backwards for humanity, I however will argue that even I spend way too much time and energy focusing on inanimate objects like my phone or laptop.  Would I stand for this adult version of me as child?  I really don’t think so!  Gone are the day I used to know so well of simply not knowing certain things and needing to reach further or harder to find an answer or a real definition.  Have a problem today?  Oh, sure with the simple click of the mouse and some keys you can find a viable solution online in no time at all, but when information is at our fingertips so easily and presented in such a fashion that the latest technology delivers it, are we really spending enough time understanding and learning what it is we were looking for in the first place?

How about our social skills or perhaps, lack there of?  There exists a popular app for your mobile phone in which you can have your phone act like you are receiving a call and once you answer it, a recorded voice plays a series of average telephone conversation pieces for you to reply to in a familiar fashion.  For what reason?  To drop out of an apparent awkward, real life, social situation.  What would you ever learn from something like that?

Online dating has becoming not only of the norm for meeting your significant other, but in some cases I am honestly seeing it as the only choice a lot of people seem to think they have.  I’ve met many people online from all walks of life and from all over the world, this is not what I am condemning, I am merely stating that at the rate we are going, perhaps social contact and activity that we know today will be a relic of the past fifty years from now.

On the subject of relationships, do you not notice a trend or an apparent rise of infidelity?  I believe it was once noted as the “Blackberry affair”.  It’s become too easy for many people to just go onto their Facebook’s or mobile phone and have a second life all together, a second relationship or more!  It’s almost as if all of this is becoming the perfect business for those of a weaker will.  All thanks to the ease of use of modern technology.  Ease of use and even easier access.

Would it hurt if we at least considered what we have become and where are going as people with this technology?  I’m not saying we should have an internet blackout for one year as a sort of study or experimentation, but certainly we could all probably abstain a little more from having or needing access to our social media websites and texts on our phones to some degree.  I just believe that all of this full on, always on, rampant technology that is always on our person is certainly stunting some of our more human traits and their growths, especially that of the human spirit and simple human bonding, people with people, talking, touching, learning and living.  You can’t Face Time the kind of experience that only another human being with you in person can truly deliver.  Good luck trying.


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