Japan: Without love & lust there is no commitment to the future


Japan:  Without love & lust there is no commitment to the future



Japan is currently undergoing a large number of setbacks as a country, most notably it’s economical crisis that continues with most of it’s consumer electronics giants and even it’s automobile companies to some degree failing and in the worst shape they’ve ever seen.  They are steadily losing ground to the giants of Korean technology and automobile like Samsung and Hyundai.  Also evident is an decrease in workforce throughout Japan and an increase of foreign workers working in Japan.  By all counts it seems that a large population of the Japanese are losing the stride and determination they were once made almost famous for.  Although the rest of the world probably believes Japan has a very large population on the scale of China, actually there is a current decline in their own populations growth and a considerable stunt in romantic relationships and sex which does not bode well for Japan and it’s future.

Since my very early teen years as a not so productive member of society being a gamer while in high school, I have always treated and thought of Japan as the promised land for all things video games and hobbies I enjoyed the most.  This also included members of the opposite sex whom of which I always found very sexually appealing being that they were Japanese and I was lead to believe they would be just like the characters in my favorite games or anime shows.  I was very wrong on one thing, but so right about the other; because of the very different cultural and social views they hold were not even close to resembling my own, the dreams I often had of being with a sweet Japanese have since crumbled to dust.  What does this have to do with Japan’s decline in population?  Everything!

It would appear that both male and female Japanese are growing tired of the misconceptions they both appear to have for one another.  The women want a more manly man as it were while the men are either just not very interested in Japanese females of today or have an all together different goal set for themselves which doesn’t include much with the opposite sex.  I can’t put the blame on either side in this problem, but I will say that at least from personal experiences Japanese women while seemingly cute and innocent for complete lack of better or appropriate definitions were often very prude, moody, at times very dark, and often much too professional or careless for anything to move past beyond the just friends stage.

Sure, one could argue that perhaps the barrier in languages and indeed cultures played a large part in the demise of my relationships with Japanese girls it should at least be noted that it was not for lack of effort on my part.  It’s just a different world there all together, far from what I’ve ever imagined as a young teen.  As far as let downs go, that was a pretty significant one.  I always looked for reasons or just cause for some of the behavior I have seen or read about and I believe I have made an clear understanding.

“Japanese people aren’t having enough kids to sustain a healthy economy. One big reason they’re having fewer kids is that they’re not as interested in dating or marrying one another, in part because they’re less interested in sex.”1  Japanese women whom have children or get married while working feel pressured to quit their job as it’s currently seen as the social norm.  If however a women wanted to continue to work in a high level job, she would most likely not ever advance due to the Japanese strong honor and commitment to their old fashioned ways.  Such women have become to be known as “Devil Wives”. 6  The men now lust for themselves, reluctant to work and working very little, spending very little, and caring for personal grooming more so than a woman.

About 45 percent of women and 25 percent of men age range 16-24 are disinterested in any form of sexual relations. 2  Most younger Japanese men are not interested in what they would have been a decade ago.  They are not as willing to be risk takers and are not out for any kind of thrill nor are they looking for sex as much as they are looking to better their own personal appearance with beauty products. 3  Approximately one quarter of the whole Japanese population are not interested in a romantic relationship at all. 4  Even love simulation games such as “Love+” have grown increasingly popular with Japanese males.  Not only can they court virtual women in the game, but there now exists a hotel in which you could rent out a room for you and your virtual love and are treated as two guests, not just one.  5

While Japan’s population is on the decline and one could argue it has to do with the economy as a whole as they are not interested in bringing new life to into such a society as it is not as good as it was when they were born, quite simply put it is all about a very strange social apathy towards a life of love, relationships, and sexual experiences.  I imagine coming off such an economical boom years ago could take it’s tow on how a society interprets such an economical downfall as it stands now.  Do you live the life your parents paved the way for, finishing school, going to post secondary and then get married and/or have kids?  Or do you make your own path and live your own life?  The Japanese youth and young adults seem to be mimicking a pattern set a long time ago by the Americans, no less.

Here they are in a country while on an economic slump still rich in employment and most would rather work less hours or simple idle by living with their parents.  Gone are the days of the Japanese honor when students were known to be very strict, stern and competent.   This of course leaves a lot of open opportunity for employment within Japan and as such they have around two million foreign workers to fill all the labor gaps, much like North America.  However, unlike North Americans, the Japanese have a peculiar lack of interest in building on the fundamentals of their countries future.  This of course means wanting a family and giving birth to increase the population and raise more chances for future success within the country, and not relying on a virtual girlfriend to emulate the real experience of love.

If technology and modern society life are surely to blame, then it is to an extent that could apply to any people from any country.  We really don’t even need to feel the touch of a real person any longer these days, no real human contact is needed as we can quickly adjust and lead very nice social lives through the advancement of social technologies.  With all these simple and even advanced distractions at our very fingertips 24/7, perhaps we no longer sense an urgency in a real commitment especially that of the long term type to diminish our quick sense of self-satisfaction we gain from all these distractions this electronic age gives us.   It seems to be that Japan may be further ahead of us in terms of both the distractions, and the harshness of the climate.


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