The Most Elegant & Sumptuous Christmas-Winter Videogame Music Colleciton



For quite some time now I’ve been collecting Winter themed Videogame music.  As a result, I have a collection consisting of 1.5gb of vidoegame ost goodness!  Sure, there are a lot of tunes missing, but I figured I wouldn’t include ost’s like Christmas Nights since you probably already have it.  Included in this collection are all eight of the Slightlydark forums Christmas Collecitons.  These guys are very hardcore and have collected the most rare and unique videogame winter/Christmas music by far.  I was in awe, and as such  I include them all in here.  If you can think of any personal additions that you would like to see or that I should be aware of, leave a comment below or on facebook, I would love to hear your personal favorite tracks as well.  Whip Whip outta here!

Right Click and Save-as – approx. 1.5 gb .rar  MERRY CHRISTMAS, BUUUSSTER WOLLFF!!!


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