Ridge Racer Slipstream Rant video (from December – still NO RRS on Google Play!!)

As you might suggest, I am quite the Ridge Racer fan but this you already knew very well if you’ve known me long enough.  It’s one of the series I treasure the most, along with Tekken, Shenmue, and the Chrono dual.  Having said that I come to you with this video I shot and uploaded on December 19th when Namco first initially released the game… for iOS users only!

Ok, normally I don’t panic on such things and just figure the Android version will just take a few more days to show up in my North Americans/Canadian store.  But, to my dismay many of my UK and European friends, all of whom are also on Android have still not been able to search for it in their Google Play Store.  Ok.. now we are angry.

In the first trailer released for the game, Namco did in fact specifically claim that the game would be released in December 2013 and it listed both iOS and Google Play.  Boom.  So what happened?  Well, we tweeted/facebooked the official RRS pages and got a response… and as you can see from the video above… none to happy.

Now, over 1 month later we still have no Ridge Racer Slipstream available to us unique, and devilishly handsome Android users.  That’s kind of a problem for me.  Keep in mind, I played the game last month on my brother’s iPad and well, it’s fairly decent in all honesty or for whatever honesty I can muster up at this point, but it seems like less than 5000 people globally downloaded it at that time as it was and still is a PREMIUM game… priced at $2.99.  Not a problem, but… Namco… talk about shooting yourselves in the foot even further.

You divide the fan base, make it a premium game, give it absolutely NO new music tracks, and it bombs.  Hard.  Take my hand, you Japanese dogs… let me show you the error of your ways…


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