RIP Justin Carmical aka JewWario of TGWTG/Retroware/YCPT fame

This is the kind of video that made him great.

Also, as a huge fan of TGWTG and it’s affiliates seeing Justin in many other roles was always a pleasure.

What hurts me the most, is that I have watched almost all of his video catalog from his website, and caught one of his live streams many months ago, and through it all I always thought to myself “Wow… now here’s a guy who is very honest about his life style and well, life in general.”  He wasn’t rich, he certainly didn’t have the most technical video productions, he spoke Japanese and reviewed Japanese import games that WE, the general English speaking public, could actually play.  He always seemed very enthused about what he did.  So in that, it hurts a lot to know that something was bothering him so much, even after he successfully raised all the money needed for his funding of an online series that quite a few people wanted him to make.

Like, his career as a video producer and internet personality was really growing!  Whether he battled major depression and hid it really well, or something came up in his life recently that he just couldn’t bare to handle, the thought of him shooting himself in the head is something I can’t even seem to envision, not after being a fan of his for a couple of years now.

Also… I’ll leave you with one of the most chilling (in a really good sense) videos you may ever watch…

Thank you for taking the time to pay tribute to someone who has indeed inspired me, and though inspiration for me always comes from the least likeliest of places it was watching his videos and seeing him do his thing that made me want to jump back into the video game web shows for myself.


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