Just close your eyes…

I need you to feel me again, if only for a brief but unforgettable moment.  The kind of moment where you read about in a book or see it in a movie, when time stands perfectly still for two people perfect for each other.  As good as everything we have been through has been, we have yet to have this moment but I know you can feel it too.  I know you can see it too.  It’s not far off.  Just close your eyes…

The thing about time is that it is completely out of our control, therefore while I wish to simply take mine and you take yours, it is not so easy as that.  As you can see, we have arrived in a new form of severity in our lives, the two of us.  We knew what we were doing, because anything of that nature or even close to what we had will feel as good or perhaps better if only because it’s new and different.  Of course, the decisions we made separate of one another have indeed made us lose track of ourselves and “us”.  These brittle, fragile and ultimately untimely decisions we have made were made almost in jest.  Not at the expense of somebody, at least we would hope not, but perhaps more at the expense of our hearts content.  You see, we knew what we were getting ourselves into when we took the plunge separately the way we did.  This… cannot last forever.

What we have come to terms with is that it will all eventually come down to the fateful first move.  To make such a move in the wake of our obvious revelations to one another in a not so conventional way would be the proverbial beginning of the end, I mean… so to speak.  Not for “us”, not at all, but for the new lives we have built.  Tearing down years worth of hard work and time is never easy, this we can attest to.  For whomever sets fire to the current notion of their life to make the first move would forever be the one to hold bragging rights.  Hey, this can’t be 100% serious all the time, right?

Waiting patiently infuriated,

Whippin Sean


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