Diet Crusade update #2

October 21st thus marked the three month mark of my being on a sugar-free diet whilst only drinking water.  As some friends like to confirm, I would indulge in the odd McD’s burger here and there, and bagels, bagels almost everyday!  Yet, it was just important to show to myself (and perhaps to others) that I can go three entire months with no chocolate bars, no candy, no chips, no pop, no energy drinks, no donuts, cake… not even a single piece of .05 candy such as my all time favorite blue whales.  I lasted.  I did it.  I lost nearly 15 lbs and my blood pressure and heart rate is perfect!

That all said, I also ended it on that same day by going to Tim Horton’s and getting an eclair and blueberry (or some form of berry) fritter.  It was then that I realized… I need to just do me, as cliche as that is to hear these days.  My mother to this day still smokes a pack a day (ugh, too lazy to fix the grammar of using the same word twice in one sentence), and that has always resonated with me and I still buy her a pack of smokes for Christmas every year because it makes her happy, and I’d rather she be happy and comfortable, even if it’s a complete disregard to her health.

So yeah, I am back on the junk food wagon and I feel complete again.  Don’t judge me!  Who knows, maybe when I’m in Nait this January, I might go back on a similar diet to keep my brain up and running well…


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