How to escape a comfort zone

How to escape a comfort zone.

Do or feel something uncomfortable both physically and emotionally daily. I love to insert myself into an oncoming or unexpected uncomfortable moment or exchange. Most times, these can be avoided and sometimes are best to; however, they also may prove to be ultimately rewarding so don’t hesitate at the thought of feeling a little uneasy.

Obviously, the more comfortable we get in our day to day lives, the less impact we will make and receive. The worst points in my life were absolutely when things were too easy. Sure, there are always good moments in any day, this can’t be avoided if you are a glass is half full kind of guy like I am forever to be, however that doesn’t make up for the majority of the time spent in “easy-mode”, most of which wasted, unfortunately. Wasted time when you have 24 hours in a day and can usually function well on 4-5 hours of sleep a night, is inexcusable and disappointing. That said, of course it’s not bad to be on a cruise-control comfort zone and let life pass you by a little, some people (myself included) need that at least once in their lives.

You must at least try to not to fall too hard into it and try some new things, meet some new people… I know, I know… aged old sage shit-tier advice, but it’s still relatable today! Enjoy your life, enjoy it more uncomfortably! Take a chance, trip a little when you take that first step.

Whip Whip, still can’t stop it…


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