Never get enough sleep

At 36 years old, it’s anyone’s guess as to why & how I continue to function and survive with my habitual sense of “I’m gonna live forever”. The attitude I have towards what I do and put into my body is synonymous with my attitude towards everything else; just don’t care.

It’s currently 9:30 pm on a Tuesday, I need to wake up by 4 am for a 5 am overtime shift start. I figure that I had a nearly 2 hour nap earlier when I came home from work, so staying up a little late and getting 4 hours of sleep should suffice, no? The 3 energy drinks I’ll likely consume tomorrow will be the temporary Band-Aid I need to show up and show off. This life is a strange thing I’ve allowed myself to get accustomed to.

I don’t overly enjoy it. Most days are completely wasted away with the majority of my efforts sunk into a system of beliefs and goals far and away from anything resembling my own. This is just temporary, a sort of “see I can do it too” chapter of my life. The deepest of dreamers can easily get caught up in this life, and is it really all that bad? Probably not. Sustainable. Tried and true methods of intermittent bursts if happiness. LET’S SHOW SOCIAL MEDIA…

Nobody dreams like I do. It’s FX. It’s still about that Whip Whip feeling. This is STILL just temporary? My bitch ass been laying dormant waaaaaayyyy too long.

I now have access to a video camera 24/7 and it’s ALWAYS with me. 15-20 years ago I’d kill to be able to make videos ANYWHERE I go, ANYWHERE I am. *SOCIAL MEDIA MISCONDUCT* There are no rules for me. “LIKE SUBSCRIBE FOLLOW” Formats. Follow. Formulaic content producers.

I want them all to get fucked.

Taking my turf back.

Whip Whip


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