Welcome to FX – the home of Whippin Sean and co.  FX goes all the way back to the year 2000 when it’s first initial concept and sub sequential layout was first put online, at least in some form.  It was at that time that Sean befriended Frank Dittrich a.k.a Armaron to help with the art for the site, to give FX an edge that many other sites at the time certainly did not have.

Sean would employ the help and better judgment of his brother for all things HTML/Web Design related in the first year.  FX started out solely as a fighting game website for all things fighting games much like the infamous Fighters.net.  That would explain the name.  The “Xtreme” part definitely came from one night while Sean and his brother NNDon were at work and Don was in the phase of renaming his famous Nintendo fansite from NintendoNext to something else, one of the names he threw out was Nintendo Xtreme and that was all it took for Sean to name FX back in 2000.

Since Sean generally lacked all the knowledge of how to run a website proficiently at the time, the getting it off the ground aspect definitely took a lot longer than expected.  It wasn’t until Sean joined the Tecmo USA forums in anticipation of the release of DOA3 for Xbox.  This is where Monkey Dave, Pixy Boy, Cybercabra, Ekul, Death etc all came from and joined forces to eventually force Whippin Sean to put up the FX Forums and invite everyone at the Tecmo boards there where posting was more free and nobody would have to fear bannings etc.  Post at your own risk is what FX was and still is all about.

After the huge shift, it was December of 2001 that FX finally took off in a big way.  The forums were busy and the main page was becoming more of a factor and important.

To be continued…


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